Traveling is life’s great educator. As Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Gerber Tours has 45 years of travel planning experience to ensure your students will have the educational experience of a lifetime. From Savannah, Georgia to Seattle, Washington, we at Gerber Tours have something for everyone!

Many parents are hesitant to let their kids travel, for safety reasons. However, with the developments in technology, safety policies instituted from local boards of health, and our certified organizers and chaperones, you can sleep easy knowing your student is safe in our hands. Here are our safety tips and advice for educators and parents.

Cross Off the Little Things


The old line, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” is applicable in regards to traveling. Here are our quick do’s and don’ts. 

  • Travel Insurance: Whether you get it through Gerber Tours or one of many insurance companies, travel insurance is the handiest “break in case of emergency” lifeline you can have when traveling.
  • Notify Your Bank: This is typically an international travel tip. Nevertheless, many banks will freeze your debit or credit card if it is used in a state they don’t think you live in.
  • Pack According to Your Destination: This may seem overly simple, but many times people are so excited about their trip, they forget to consider the weather!
Organize an Orientation

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The point of traveling is to see new places and have new experiences you can't have at home. However, it is very helpful to know the people you’re traveling with before you go.

An orientation gives educators and their administration an opportunity to lay down the expectations, go over the activities, where you’re staying, procedures, and have students sign a “conduct contract” to ensure the trip goes smoothly. We highly recommend educators hold an orientation as it sets the tone for the trip to come. Giving students guidelines and potential consequences can help squash any mischievous plans.

In our experience, the more you can grease the wheels of what students will be doing, the better.

Create a System


Consult the requirements published by local boards of health/state offices to be prepared before you leave! For a complete list of travel requirements to your destination city, review vaccine and mask requirements before you travel. It's always a good idea to bring a face covering and to maintain distance between people when participating in indoor activities. 

There is a reason why the “buddy system” is still used today. Thanks to technology and Gerber Tours, the buddy system has been taken to a whole new level with our convenient travel app.

Parents, educators, and students alike have access to their itineraries, where their school group is staying, important contact info, and even their exact location! This app truly takes any trepidation or worry that educators or parents may have about sending their kids out on their first great adventure.



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